COVID-19 tests available (Updated 22/02/22):

1. Notorised ART for VTL travel $50  

2. Travel pre-departure PCR  $150

3. China travel pre-departure serology $100

4. Pre-event test (ART - Antigen Rapid Test)  $50

5. SASH (Swab and send home) PHPC

6. Private requested PCR $150

Call to make an appointment. Our Saturday sessions will be extended to the evening depending on demand.

*Swab tests not available for children below 5 years old* 



Our Medical Services

  • Health Screening
  • Immunisation
  • Medical Consultation
  • Women’s Health Maintenance
  • Wound Care Procedures


As we are adapting to the additional administrative requirements imposed for Covid-19 management, we seek your understanding if you do encounter any inconvenience. Thank you and keep safe.

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